Classes for 2015-16 school year:

Middle school (7th – 9th grades)

***All courses for this group are planned with high school credits in mind***


Biology (block schedule time) – labs and discussions of basic biological concepts

Literature – discussion based class with activities relating to various book genres

Art – elements of art; the first part of Introduction to Art




 Biology – opportunity for independent study; long term science project

Literature – study of various genres in literature

Art – principles of design; part two of year long Introduction to Art

World Cuisines – cooking class based on world cultures


Older elementary (3rd – 6th grades)


Book club – discussion and projects structured around books

Maker station – building challenges to make new creations from provided materials

Sports/PE – trying out a variety of sports and other physical activities

Oregon trail – Do you have what it takes to be a pioneer?



Kitchen Chemistry/ Cooking – science based, a mixture of experimentation and cooking

Art – exploring the elements of art through projects and activities

Book Club – activity based literature class

World Culture – exploring world cultures of our past and present


Younger elementary (K5 – 3rd grades)


Story Art – observe the work of illustrators and then become one!

Map-making – learn the essential parts of maps and use them to make your own

Games – play with friends using games of all kinds

Shop / Building class – use basic building supplies to make your own creations



STEM – projects addressing science and engineering concepts (six weeks)

Survival Skills – learn everyday basics needed in the great outdoors, as well as useful skills for the home (six weeks)

Art – fun art projects (six weeks)

Lego challenge – language based building challenges with assorted Lego bricks (six weeks)

Cooking – concoct kid-friendly recipes to eat and take the recipes home to make more!

World Cultures – exploring world cultures of our past and present