Policy Based Questions

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When are our payments due?  The registration fee is due upon acceptance.  We need to receive it within ten days of notification of acceptance.  The tuition is due May 1 and December 1.  Please plan accordingly.

What if I miss the fee deadline?  The registration fee is non-negotiable.  We will not hold spots.  If you are more than 30 days late on tuition payment, your spot will be offered to another family on our waiting list.

What is the registration/ tuition money paying for?  The registration covers insurance and a criminal background check for the participating parent.  The tuition covers a rental fee per family for the space and supplies for our co-op.  Money goes into a general fund.  It does NOT cover specific class materials.

Does anyone earn a stipend?  No.  All work with the co-op is the collaborative effort of our families and is considered volunteer work. Even our administrators receive no monetary compensation.

Class size?  We are limiting classes to around 8 students per age group.  There will be a little bit of fluctuation since we are accepting family units.

You have 3rd grade listed twice.  In which age group do they fit?  Third grade is a big developmental year.  Some of these children are ready to move into upper elementary and gain new challenges and added independence.  Some may not yet feel comfortable with this leap.  We understand parents know their children better than anyone, so this is a parental decision.

My child is delayed/ advanced.  Can he/ she be in a different grade grouping?  During the transitional years between grade ranges (6th, 3rd) there may be opportunity for students to mix and match their schedule based on specific strengths and weaknesses.  If a child falls solidly into a grade range, however, we expect the child to participate in his/ her appropriate range’s class schedule.

Can my child sit out one of the classes?  Maybe.  We need parents to take on various roles within our co-op structure.  If you are available during the hour you child is struggling with a class choice, then a study hall type arrangement may be a possibility.  However, we encourage participation.

What do you mean by online component?  Our goal is for the students to be able to share ideas and collaborate in learning even when they can’t meet face to face.  So we are taking Learn Bravely to the cloud and joining a server where students can get together virtually on days we aren’t at the campus location.

Can my child bring an electronic device?  What about your cell phone policy?  We love technology for all its benefits.  While we cannot be responsible for any personal electronic devices, such as cell and smart phones, we gladly welcome them at the owner’s responsibility. Tablets, computers, and phones allow us to use Google and to share information while in class.   We expect the student to also understand that if there is excessive use not related to the class, and it becomes too distracting, the facilitator may ask for devices to be put away for the time being.

Is this a nut free facility?  We take food allergies into consideration.

Do you offer nursery care?  No.  We are attached to a wonderful nursery and preschool.  They would be happy to talk with you about the services they can offer.

Is a parent required to stay?  Yes.  Each family needs one participating adult.

Is the parent required to teach?  Maybe.  We need teachers, certainly.  But we have other needs as well for our co-op to run smoothly.  There are other opportunities to serve besides teaching.

Can I bring my baby/ toddler with me since I am required to stay?  Nursing/ newborn infants are welcome, if they are “worn”.  The parent is fully responsible for the newborn.  We do not currently have the ability to provide nursery/ toddler assistance.  If your preschooler is crawling or walking, other arrangements must be made.

Can I join now?  We occasionally allow students to join mid year based on space and need. We use open enrollment starting in March for each year so that any interested family can fill out our short application. After we have a period of open enrollment, we schedule interviews with families and offer spots according to our vacancies and needs for the upcoming school year.

Can we leave during the co-op hours if we have a break?  No.  We ask that everyone stay on campus for the entire time.  If a parent needs to leave for some emergency reason (forgot lunch, etc.), we ask the parent to take their children with them on the errand or sign an emergency release form. This has to do with our liability and rental agreement.

Lunch and Recess?  Yes, of course!  Please bring your own lunches from home.  We will have an hour for lunch, clean up, and recess.

Education Based FAQ’s

What curriculum do you use?  We do not use any specified curriculum. Each class is designed by the lead facilitator, and is often done so from scratch with our unique students in mind. Given that our student base changes and the students’ interests change, our classes develop according to the current needs.

But what about science? And in high school? This past year for biology, our students picked their own textbooks. Our classes focused on labs which further examined basic biological concepts addressed in most all curriculums. Our younger students participate in exploratory classes covering different areas of science.

What about creation? We use Apologia science. Great! It is wonderful that your family can connect and use a certain brand of curriculum positively within your individual homeschool. We are an education based cooperative. We are not faith based. This means that while we are respectful of religious viewpoints and different practices of faith, we focus on education. We discuss and explore many topics, including evolution. If your family chooses to use Apologia curriculum in your homeschool, it will not affect our ability to be inclusive and we welcome cultural/ religious diversity within our community.

Are you Charlotte Mason/ Montessori/ Classical method?  We are a combination of the best of each method and more. We do not fit any certain label, but our approach tends to be hands-on, student driven, with a collaborative learning environment at the core of each course. Because we do not subscribe to any one curriculum or form, we are able to use a variety of methods that truly mimic our students’ learning styles.

Do you give grades?  We are a supplementary cooperative. We do not grade student work, as it is ultimately up to the parent to record and give grades to each student. At times we give feedback and we are happy to help, but we are not responsible for grading.