LEARN BRAVELY is a 501(c)(3) educational non-profit organization born out of a desire to spread the philosophy behind life-learning.  We also currently run Learn Bravely Inclusive Homeschool Cooperative.


Lynsey Peterson:  Lynsey Peterson is experienced in ecology research and education. She received her BS in biology with a concentration in environmental studies from Furman University. After marrying her high school sweetheart, Lynsey fell in love with teaching public high school science. A few years later, following the birth of their two children, she began a freelance writing career and started homeschooling.  Resourceful, caring, and thoughtful, Lynsey enjoys cooking, hiking, and traveling with her family. Today, she works in curriculum and assessment development and shares homeschooling duties with her husband as well as their friends and families. Visit Lynsey at Evolutionary Homeschooling to learn more.

Jennifer Walker:  Jennifer received her MS in clinical psychology from Western Illinois University and BA in psychology from Southern Illinois University.   She has experience working with children and families as a psychotherapist and Montessori educator.  She now braves the waters as a homeschool mom to her 13 and 10 year old while her youngest attends Montessori preschool.  When Jennifer is not the taxi service for music lessons, martial arts and field trips she loves hiking, nature, and also attending professional sports events with her husband.  She also loves to travel and uses her passion for photography to document all these experiences.   Giving back to her community , Jennifer serves as a board member at iMontessori School and Vice-President of the 4H Advisory Board for York County. Visit Jennifer at The Passionate Learner to learn more.