Learn Bravely Inclusive Homeschool Cooperative


LEARN BRAVELY Inclusive Cooperative seeks to encourage interests and develop friendships through a collaborative learning environment for our children. We believe in hands-on discovery of ideas while embracing the use of tools and technology.

We offer interactive classes using project-based, student-focused techniques that are responsive to the needs of diverse learners. Our online component allows students to continue exploring and collaborating between class sessions. We ultimately want our children to have the courage to pursue learning passionately and to think critically along the way.


Learn Bravely can be reached at learnbravely@gmail.com and our Facebook page.


Learn Bravely Co-op meets weekly on Thursdays at a variety of community locations.

Parent/Guardian Responsibilities

  1. Parents must remain onsite for the duration of co-op.  
  2. Please attend any events that you rsvp for and notify the Learn Bravely community if you will be absent, with as much notice as possible.
  3. Please be willing to plan events and opportunities.

Responsibilities of Every Participant

  1. Please be respectful of yourself and others.  We operate under the “Golden Rule” and expect that you treat others as you would treat yourself.  Our classes are discussion- and project-based so we ask that constructive, positive feedback be given to classmates.
  2. Please be respectful of the sites where we meet. 
  3. If there are any issues with behavior or attitude, the Learn Bravely leadership team will be made aware and will work with students, facilitators, and parents to resolve the issue.
  4. Please bring requested materials to events so that the facilitator(s) can lead the lesson planned for that day.
  5. We gladly welcome the use of personal electronic devices at the owner’s responsibility. Facilitators may ask for devices to be put away if their use becomes excessive or distracting.


Immediate adult family members (spouses, grandparents, etc.) are welcome as visitors but must sign a release form and be accompanied by their member host at all times. Family members who may attend in lieu of the regular adult must pass a background check.


Should a member of your family become contagiously ill and/or have a fever of 100 degrees or higher, please refrain from attending co-op. Students must be fever-free  without medication for a minimum of 24 hours before attending the cooperative. 


A nursery for babies and toddlers under 4 is not provided at this time.  Nursing babies are welcome, as long as they can be safely supervised. We do not have space to accommodate walkers and crawlers at this time.


Learn Bravely reserves the right to open applications to certain age groups of children and their families at various times. We also reserve the right to request applicants to agree to our mission and policies.